Vanilla Lavender Lip and body sugar scrub

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Love love love the way my lips and body feel after the scrub!!!!

made with lavender and vanilla essential oil, olive and coconut oils and sugar..all great for healing and exfoliating lip and body...

This is a great gift for you or friend, birthday, office party or more!

How to use: take a 1/4 teaspoon, gently rub on lips in a circular motion, let sit for a minute and rinse with warm water

body..take a small amount about a tablespoon in to the shower or bath, after cleansing, take a small amount and rub in a circular fasion, allow to sit for one minute and rinse with warm water...enjoy your soft beautiful feeling skin!

Anna and I are also doing body product party and this product is available for in person or virtual party kits! text to learn more: 7609173529