NEW!!!! rose and lavender body oil


Rose and lavender body oil 

need a little extra on your: cuticles, hair, face, hands, feet more? I sure do! just 2-3 drops on your cuticles, and rub in, a few drops on your hands and touch on your ends of hair, a drop on your fingers and Paton dry spot on face..use all over!

this natural body oil is great for using all over body. It's natural, no added preservatives, chemicals and the organic herbs and flowers will keep infusing while you use it..and its beautiful to see actual in process infusing ..

what is in it: organic rose petals, calendula flowers, lavender, rosemary

grapeseed oil, olive oil, rose and lavender oils

keep in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight..use within 6 months..(no preservatives)

enjoy! makes a great gift

glass dropper and jar 2ounce jar