• July soap box of the month! !

    Great Time to give yourself the gift of natural body products, every month!!!!

    New! We now will be offering a different,  fun box monthly
     We are introducing our new soap box monthly subscription We are filling our boxes with a full sized natural soap and a balm every month, plus surprise extras
    Never run out of the best , natural soap products ! 

    A soap box subscription is a great way for a busy, tired mom to pamper herself. It's a monthly delivery of high-quality soaps,, and other bath products that you can use to relax and unwind. The subscription is full of the best selling soap and balm of that month that will take that worry about ordering our natural soap And the convenience of having the products delivered right to her door means that you dont have to worry about running out of your favorite bath products.
    you order once through here .. you will then get a chance to continue it monthly ;) 

    Here are some of the benefits of a soap box subscription for a busy, tired mom:

    * It's a great way to relax and de-stress.
    * It can help to improve her mood and energy levels.
    * It can make her skin feel soft and smooth.
    * It can help to relieve muscle tension and aches.
    * It can help to improve her sleep quality.

    If you're looking for a way to help a busy, tired mom pamper herself, a soap box subscription is a great option for a friend, family member ,but best yet..yourself.. It's a convenient, affordable, and luxurious way to help you relax and unwind….

    1. **Convenience**

    With a soap subscription box, you'll never run out of soap again. Your soap will be delivered right to your door, so you can relax and enjoy your bath without having to worry about running to the store.

    2. **Variety**

    With a soap subscription box, you'll get to try a variety of different soaps. This is a great way to find new soaps that you love and to experiment with different scents and ingredients.

    There will be an opportunity emailed to you to continue this monthly ! Win win ! 

    I hope these reasons have convinced you to try my soap subscription box!