"Sunset over Camp Pendleton"handmade felt painting(sold)

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Handmade from wool , silk and Angora fiber we cleaned , dyed , carded .. allot from our own herd ....

this was a representative of a photo we took driving through Deluz looking over Camp Pendelton, January 2021

first , I laid out the under layer with strips of wool .. then wet felted it with our own soap × hot water , rolling it about 800 times.  Until it formed a solid fabric .. then dried it and needle felted the details on top . 

Piece is approx 17”wide and 15 “ tall , unframed ... can be hung on a fabric , framed or suspended with yarn /rope 

will be a different and unique artwork to brighten any room 

original art , made by me 

Comes with hangers , optional

$5 of this sale will be donated to : Saving Huey foundation..a rescue group for abandoned and injured animals