Heart essential oil diffuser handmade gnome


This cute little guy is a essential oil diffuser  too!

Handmade by us, needle felted wool that we, cleaned, picked, dyed then needle sculpted in to this cute little gnome. His curly beard is made with our angora goat locks..so soft and cute!

Valentines gift, hostess, gift, student, teacher, home office, hospital , etc....

Just place 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oils on to the heart and sit this little gnome where you want to enjoy the oils for astress free environment...like your office desk, school desk area, kitchen..even in your bedroom and car.

Makes a great gift !...heres a great mix for calming....

1 drops lavender essential oil

1drops clary sage essential oil

1 drop ylang ylang essential oil

1 drop marjoram essential oil

each one is hand made, about 6 inches tall and all are different and unique, please allow at least 3-5 days to make...