Felt Wall Hanging...little Pond


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This little piece is cute and can be hung in a frame or open (like I have here, its hanging on a piece of burlap)..approx 12" long and about 7" tall, great to add some color to a room..

Made with wool that we cleaned, dyed, picked then carded..plus some Mohair from our Angora goats, and silks...

This is made by me with a combination of wet felting and then needle felting ..wet felting after the base is layed out, is hot water and soap..plus lots of rubbing to get the wool fibers to combine..it takes several hours to get it just right ..after it has dried, I then took, mohair, wool , silks, etc and "painted" a cute little depiction of a little pond with flowers and tress..abstract

Will add a unique addition to any room

Can be framed under glass, framed and displayed open (no glass..preferred) or hung with wires or on fabric , like I have done here.

Care: can take and give a gentle shake, to dust or lightly pat it ...