Getting Dirty down on the farm! Learning, lectures, more..

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Want to raise your own chickens, rabbits, pigs? Maybe you want to learn about making cheese, soap, bath bombs....or maybe how to process your own wool ? 

What about bee keeping? Want to have a fun lecture for you and the kids about where your food comes from? 

We are starting a learning lecture series ! What does that mean : it means we provide a down and dirty, informational about various topics such as what was mentioned to get started, what you need, what to expect places to get supplies , etc ..we will be starting soon, here in our local area, and we will have these lectures series available online as well

Interested in just getting the eggs, soap, meat , etc..???.we will offer that too..

Let us know you are interested ! ..let us know what topics you would like..

Text us at 7609173529 or email us @ 

We look forward to seeing you there!